Analia Celeste Muniz

.At the age of 18 I started a Circus training and career. Years later, I felt the need to add some flow to all those skills. I started a Dance formation in Contemporary and Ballet.
When I turned 24, I made a professional Yoga Instructor formation, and became a teacher making a fusion of my knowledge, between Circus, Dance and Yoga. I also got involved in creative and research projects with small companies from Buenos Aires.
Simultaneously, I always worked in Entertainment, Shows,Events, Hotels, and Discos from different cities in Argentina, Peru and Egypt.
At the age of 27, I entered University for a Bachelor’s degree in Arts and Culture Management, which was interrupted in order to continue my professional career and life experience in Europe. I worked, performed and trained in Ibiza, Barcelona, and since May 2017 I`m based in Cologne.
My interest in Performance and Visual Arts has been growing over the last 3 years, getting involved in different type of Workshops and Exhibitions.
Currently, I perform as a dancer in ElectroSwing events, Burlesque, I keep being a Yoga Instructor, and collaborate in Art Projects.


In the border of chaos or in the middle of trash, even beauty can take forms. Unpredictable, and ephemeral.
Then I see myself, and the forgotten, unused, botheration, rotten, bad seen, smelly, dangerous, boring, uncared, not for now. Stucked objects, dusty and soulless.
Do I see The Other? or I just want to get dress? Who is the Object now?


Analia Celeste Muniz
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