Die Fotowache "Earth 2020 - life changes"
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28. März ·
The exhibitionroom of “Earth 2020 - life changes” project.
At the moment the virtual gallery of the project. Soon we will use "Die Fotowache" to show the growing exhibition.
A presentation in form of an exhibition in a gallery is planned for september 2020.
We started this collection officially at 25th of march.
We wanted to get more of your personal photos and impressions. Add your personal statement to the project and your photo is a part of this timecapsule.
Enjoy the gallery and we are looking forward to your participation.
Please keep in mind, that the copyright of every picture belongs to the participants.
This presentation only includes the use for this project. Please do not copy/pastepictures out of the project and do not use them for other purposes. Thanks.



Earth 2020-Life Change .Vortrag und Musik 17. OKTOBER