HAB SAS :Ich spiele diverse Musikrichtungen, je nach Laune und Ereignis, wie Soul, Boogie, Funk; Rap, RnB und jedoch immer mit P-Funk, das entspricht etwa der Punkwelle. P-Funk ist auch aufsässig und ein Crossover von Blues, Gospel, Soul; Jazz und Psychodelic-Rock. Diese Musik ist auch dafür bekannt, dass sie mit Bläser durchsetzt ist. Neben James Brown wurde P-Funk in der Rap Szene am häufigsten gesampelt. P-Funk ist ein Life-Style, das auf Toleranz, individuelle Freiheit und auf Vertrauen Deiner Instinkte (Authentizität) beruht. George Clinton, der Godfather of Funk, hat auch den Spruch "Free your mind and your ass will follow" kreiert Entsprechend wird diese Werte in der Musik transportiert, welche die Musik eine gewisse Magie verleiht. Er bekam letztes Jahr auch den "Lifetime Achievement Grammy Award".


Originally apprenticed to commercial and fashion photographers, George Du Bose first became associated with New Wave music after he began speculative work with the fledgling B52s from Athens, Georgia. He has photographed and designed over 300 album covers, collecting 18 gold andplatinum albums for groups as diverse as the REM, The Go Gos, Melissa Etheridge, Kid Creole and the Coconuts, Biz Markie and Big Daddy Kane. The Ramones have commissioned him to photograph or design their last nine covers and it is their only gold record for Ramonesmania that he treasures most. He continues to provide creative guidance, art direction, computer graphic design, photography, manufacturing assistance for major record companies and up-and coming artists that want to produce their own albums.

Du Bose's professional experience includes staff positions as art director and photographer for Island Records and Cold Chillin' Records, the first photo editor for SPIN magazine and The Image Bankbook division and staff photographer for the original Interview magazine. His company, PopEye Designs International lists Island Trading Company, The New Music Seminar, PolyGram, Warner Bros, Sony and MCA among its clients.

Ivan Beslic is a self-taught Croatian artist based in Düsseldorf, Germany. His work is defined by decisive strokes and a close kinship with his subjects. Beslic explores his surroundings to gather everyday observations that inform his art, which focuses on 90s hip-hop culture. He relies on the beats and rhythms of the musical genre to inspire his workflow and spark creativity.
The 34-year-old sketches his portraits on Paper with a black marker. He then fleshes them out with a series of bold and colourful markerl strokes that appear to reveal and conceal his subjects in a type of hide-and-seek with an urban graffiti aesthetic.
The end product is reminiscent of Vincent Van Gogh’s scratchy technique and Jackson Pollock’s emotional outpouring.Beslic explores the limits of colour to capture mood. His close-up portraits of 21st century men – including Biggie Smalls, Eminem , Spike Lee and Muhammed Ali, as well as NBA players – are not unlike Andy Warhol’s own series of the most influential personalities of his time.
Beslic’s introspective coverage of hip-hop culture has led him to develop close relationships with the artists he depicts, who are also the proud owners of the portraits they inspired.
Artistically active since 2007, Beslic has been exhibiting throughout Germany – from the Gallerie Boskamp in Cologne to the Galerie Schau Fenster in Berlin. In 2015, he signed a deal with Dusseldorf sneaker store AFEW and Adidas – marking